Google is Giving a Tight Competition to its Peer Groups with Pixel Launch

With Google, It Is “Quiet And Steady Wins The Race” In The Market Of Smart Phones As Well

Business models of selling electronics goods are changing drastically; most of the companies are now planning to skim the market. We can take the case of smart phones. In the past, they were trying to ascertain the USP based on certain traits like sturdiness and durability. After the failure of Nokia, the dictum changed completely. All of a sudden, the speed, affinity with new software culture and performance became more important. Certain Smartphone companies also started featuring various features like high-end camera and Photoshop facilities etc. Companies like Apple tried hard to strengthen their status as the “style leader” of the market.

Soft Powers Were On The Steering And Hard Virtues Were Holding The Backseat

It was the android and App culture propagated by Android and Google that became the driving force of the market. Hardware specifications were always there in the market but they were not working like the key motivating factors. They were acting like a “factor of assurance.” In a market condition like this, the launch of Pixel once again turned the tide of the market. The launch of Pixel is an important event because with Pixel now Google has become a device maker. This launch is important because most of the other companies were playing the game with the help of “technologies treaties. “ It means producers of the software and hardware were coming together to bundle some devices. Marketing forces were laying out some plans to cater to the immediate sentiment of the buyers; they were looking up to each other for various strategies to hit the market.

Google Pixel Can Be A Game Changer

If we go by the opinion of the industry experts then we find that every move made by Google changed the complexion of device industry majorly. Experts are anticipating a range of supporting devices to move in after this successful launch of the Pixel. They are expecting a new device culture to seep into the market with this move. It is believed that a new culture of artificial intelligence is knocking the doors of Smartphone industry.

Another Silent Move From Google That Is Creating Ripples In The Market

It is a silent move from the side of Google; they are aware of the potential of this market and understand the value of positive “word of mouth.” Unlike “Apple” or “Samsung,” they do not shout from the rooftops. They want their technology to grow on the users. Here it is very important to discuss one more tangent of Pixel launch. Most of the experts have this opinion that launch of Pixel is not just the launch of another Mobile phone. It is the launch of a new technology. It was the same case with Android, industry experts thought that it is another operating system hitting the marquee. However, with a passage of time, they realized that it was a technology that changed the specifications of various hardware devices and brought in a new culture of sorts.

This Launch Can Become The Trigger Point Of Ai First World

Almost a decade ago Smartphone companies were battling it out with an intention to make it a “Mobile first” world. They met with success, the number of people accessing the internet on mobile phones have already exceeded the number of people accessing the internet on PC’s and laptops. The launch of Pixel can herald a new era where AI will become the next frontier. Pixel is the basic device or a gate pass to this world of AI world.

It Is The Definition Of Top End Phones That Is At Stake Now

In common terms, high-end phones are phones that have all the facilities to accommodate technological changes during a long-term use. A top end phone is a phone where future technologies are present and waiting for the market to catch up with them. With the arrival of Pixel, the meaning of these two terms may change considerably. It is not a device that has hit the stands, it is a precursor of a new set of technologies that is all set to roll its journey. It means that you are getting an access to the prevailing best technologies of the mobile world and you are geared up for the future changes in the world of smart phones as well.

Do you think it will give a tight competition to high-end smartphones like iPhone? Do comment here and let us know your views.


Best Fitness Trackers 2016

In 2016, Best fitness trackers are none but another watch on your wrist

Let us check it out in dictionary; word watch can be used as a transitive and intransitive verb. In the regular terminology of the dictionary, Watch means “to have a look at something” or to “stay awake.” Now think again, why we use word “watch” in connection with “wristwatches”, the reason is quite simple, the watch means to stay awake and wrist watches or other watches help us in staying awake by keeping a track of the time.

Fitness trackers are emerging as the new watchdogs of our fitness regimens

Fitness trackers are becoming the wristwatches of the 21st century. With the arrival of smart phones and mobile phones, regular watches are becoming redundant. In the year 2016, we witnessed the emergence of a new culture. People are now replacing fitness tracker watches with regular watches. These attractive watches win the tag of wearing an “in the vogue” thing and the same watches also help individuals in keeping a check on their fitness regimes. It is a welcome change of sorts, in the past, we were matching steps with the world and regular watches were our tools and now we are matching steps with our own body clock and fitness tracker watches are acting like an ideal tool for us.

Which fitness tracker watch is the best, if you wish to seek an answer to this question then you need to take care of three criterion, first the functions, second the battery and third is the price or the value for money. Based on these three criterion here we are presenting a list of three super performers of who made it big in the market of fitness trackers in the year of 2016. 

Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Blaze

Numbers are certainly supporting this gizmo; it is a boon for entry-level fitness enthusiasts. Battery, looks and hardware are all tried and tested. It would be safe to say that Fitbit Blaze has already become a trusted name in the market and it has all the good reasons to sustain its position in the top bracket because it is very easy to use and entry level players want this kind of an ease in the game all the time. It costs  INR.19,999.

Garmin Vivosmart HR+

It is a chunky design with some intelligent and serious features clubbed together in a fitness tracker machine. It started creating ripples in the market because of the functions like GPS control and heartbeat rate monitor. It is a 24×7 device and it can monitor your sleep timings as well. It starts at INR. 14,999.

Jawbone UP2

Loaded with smart features like step monitoring, alarm systems and sleep monitoring, Jawbone UP2 is a machine that looks more like a friendship band. It means that if you are wearing casual stuff all the time and want to add a colourful accessory to it then, in this case, Jawbone UP2 can be a great choice. It costs INR10, 000.

Two Thousand Sixteen is the epitome of simple 10,000-step theory

In the early 70s a Japanese professor came up with this idea of 10,000 steps during a day theory. It was believed that people who increase their walking to 10,000 steps daily experience a real health benefits.  Then we saw the emergence of this concept where they maintained a check on the rate of heartbeats in order to figure out the right health conditions. The fitness trackers hitting the marquee in 2016 are like hybrid gadgets that are capable of maintaining both the ends well.

Apple iPhone 7- Speculations and insights

Indeed, Apple iPhone is ready to burst into the streets! And this time, it’s going to be totally different from what it used to be, when an iPhone was launched. With pre-order beginning from September 7, followed by a launch on 16th September, less than a month is left before the next ‘big thing’ arrives in the market.

It seems like since time immemorial, brands have consistently brought up new and improved gadgets and services much to the pleasure of the general folk i.e. the end users. However, it is worth noting that there is one brand out there which ‘thinks differently’, a phrase which came right from the horse’s mouth – Steve Jobs. That brand is Apple! Yet again with its latest flagship edition of the iPhone 7, the brand intends to captivate loyal followers all across the world.

But here’s what’s trending about this upcoming technology super model:

  • With current dimensions being 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm, the iPhone 7 will come with Nano-SIMs and long strengthened glass having oleophobic coating to allow 3-D Touch display. The iPhone will arrive with sensors such as Fingerprint, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass and barometer.
  • What’s so New:
    1. A Dual Lens Camera for your iPhone plus will help you become the photo shoot hero of your cohort.
    2. This version of iPhone will now be fully water-resistant mostly and will come along with less chances of your iPhone being the bait of your wet hands.
    3. The Design will only go very small changes from iPhone 6, just to add a little more elegance.
    4. The antenna bands have been redesigned for more efficiency and faster operation.
    5. The processor has been upgraded to ensure much more work efficiency and lesser operation time.
    6. The iPhone 7 will come in two screen sizes for you to choose from- 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch.
    7. The camera will not protrude much outside the body.
    8. You will now see a longer earpiece cut out along with a relocated ambient light sensor and flush touch-based home button.
    9. When iOS 10 is available only to developers, it is assumed that it may be released with the forthcoming iPhone 7.
  • The iPhone 7 will come with 2 GB RAM while iPhone 7 Plus will be coming with 3 GBRAM. Also, iPhone 7 Plus will be using two cameras with 2-3x zoom optically and have a great performance in conditions of low light.
  • The battery will be upgraded to 1,960 mAh which means that there will be a 145% increase in battery life.
  • Wireless charging will be another cool thing to look forward to, in the iPhone 7.
  • iPhone 7 will be supporting 256 GB of space and will be offering a lot of space for new apps and videos.
  • Earphone Revolution:
    1. This year, the iPhone won’t be coming with a 3.5 mm jack, which usually allowed all kinds of headphone to be used.
    2. Instead, a new thinner lightning port will be developed which will ensure faster and better performance. While, Bluetooth headset will connect wirelessly you will be able to buy the lightning-equipped Earpods as well with your iPhone.
  • A New and unknown feature called Smart Connector will also be joining the list of amazing features in iPhone 7. The connector is normally designed to provide power and data connection to the accessories like keyboards in iPad Pro, though the purpose of Smart Connector on this 5.5 inch handset is yet not clear.
  • A redesigned Home button will also be seen in iPhone 7 which will be based on ‘Force Touch’ Technology and a motor to sense when it is being pushed physically.
  • A new technology called transparent fingerprint sensor will also be incorporated into iPhone 7 which has three sensor technologies, one of them being ultrasonic imaging.

See what some of the reputed analysts are speculating

Indeed, a lot has been going on over the last one year, including rumors, patent applications and much more. iPhone 7 has grabbed a lot of attention, before its launch and is expected to break sales records as well. Moreover, upgrade options and many more offers for current iPhone users will also show up to facilitate more sales.

Pokemon Go- How this New Phenomenon is Changing the World

For each and every kid in the world that grew in the late nineties and the early two thousands, there is one thing that is common throughout. They grew up watching the anime phenomenon called Pokemon. For the unfamiliar, this was (and still is) a Japanese game franchise inspired anime series that took the world by storm. It had all the elements that attracted kids and young adults alike. A relatable protagonist, epic adventures, great connect value etc. For a long time Pokemon ruled the cartoon network throughout the world. The anime and games along with multiple tie-ins deals, toys, and promotions grew into a cultural phenomenon that had its fan base in children and young adults alike.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO (Source:

Cut to Today

This was all in the late nineties and the early two thousands. Fast forward to just about one month ago, July 2016, when another cultural phenomenon called Pokemon GO yet again took over the world, accumulating over fifty million downloads on the Google App Store in its first week and a yet unknown number on the iOS App Store.

How it Works

Again for the unfamiliar, Pokemon GO is a smartphone game that makes use of augmented reality to present a scenario to the player where they must physically travel to locate Pokemon and then make use of a Poke-ball throwing mechanism to catch the Pokemon. The game offers several other features, but this is the gist of what it does.

Why it Works

Now what we need to understand is how this game with such a simple mechanism took over the world. The key ingredient that it worked upon was nostalgia. An analysis of the active users of the game ranged between people who were within the age group of 18-24, this necessarily accounts for all those children who grew up when the anime series was at its prime. These people got to experience what it would be like to catch Pokemon in reality.

Get Exercising

This is where the physical aspect of the game and the exceptional use of augmented reality have worked wonders for the game. The simple mechanic creates a scenario where people have to physically travel to the locations in order to locate the Pokemon. Once they reach the location the game switches to the augmented reality mode where it uses the phones camera to digitally project a Pokemon in the surroundings on the phone screen. This brings in a feature in the game that differs from the peer games, since it serves a purpose for the people to physically move from place to place in hopes of finding a Pokemon.
Another way in which the game makes use of using the physical aspect is to make people walk a dedicated number of kilometres in order to hatch a Pokemon egg that they collect, the more they walk, and the more are their chances of hatching a rare Pokemon.

The Psychological Aspect

 The game goes into the players’ mind because as per the research, the games that offer trophies make a gamer feel a sense of achievement. Although the achievement is not real, it triggers the hormone called dopamine which causes a “natural high” feeling in a person. Not only this, it is an addictive game because it encourages “collection”. It is a general liking of almost all the people to enjoy the behavior of collecting something.

 Pokemon go has essentially played a gamble on the people’s psychology by working up the game in a manner that instantly capitalizes on the already popular fan base of the franchise and giving the people a massively multiplayer scenario in which they can interact with several other gamers alike and interact in a manner that has never achieved mainstream publicity. Sure the developers of the game Niantic had earlier brought out a game based on a similar framework, but it is only with Pokemon GO that has been licensed to them by Nintendo that they have been able to successfully achieve what they aimed for, that is creating a global community of Pokemon lovers.

Boost to Mobile Gaming

Pokemon GO has also created a phenomenon in the world of mobile gaming. Mobile gaming which was earlier considered secondary to Console and PC gaming has received a never seen before appraisal and interest because of Pokemon GO. People are actually leaving their houses in order to look for Pokemon. Pokemon GO has now more active daily users than Twitter. Sure the issue of battery drainage is there, but it seems people do not mind carrying power banks and portable chargers to assist them in their hunt.

Importance of Safety

The most important concern that can be raised in regards to Pokemon GO is that of safety outside home. People might become so engrossed in their phones that they might ignore important aspects like road safety. However the game does encourage people to take excessive care of their surroundings in order to be safe and sound.

In conclusion, whether you have been a fan of the game or not, you would have to be living under the rock to miss the huge dent it has made in today’s world. Its success can be called nothing short of exemplary. Whether you have tried it yet or not is a discussion for another day. Whether you should or not doesn’t even need to be a discussion.

Download it right now and we wish you happy hunting.
Hurry up because, you gotta catch ‘em all!

Technology Juggernauts Harnessing Power of Olympics2016

Olympics, the mix of everything in everything, has come to life, as the cauldron has been lit and the show has started. But this time, there’s something really amazing happening that is beyond expectation. This Olympics is the most technologically oriented event where the big technology giants such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook are taking advantage of the event by modernizing many aspects of Olympics.

Rio 2016 and Technologies

Rio 2016 and Technologies (courtesy:

Here’s what’s happening:

  • Live Streaming Application: The NBC Sports app will be livestreaming all the events. The application is available for download on Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon, Windows 10 tablets, Xbox, Windows Phone, PC and Mac to access news, highlights and programming.
  • Microsoft Azure: Microsoft has prepared a big storage space, called cloud, for storing and live-streaming all the events of Rio to the whole world. Each user will be allowed to access 4,500 hours of online content. Due to a time difference of only 1 hour between Eastern US and Rio, a large amount of viewers are expected this time.
  • The need for high definition: To deliver the best services and gather audience who will be watching Rio on big TV’s, NBC want to assure high definition output for their TV Programs. Microsoft Azure has also increased their TV output to 1080 pixels.
  • Livestream Ads: Azure will be partnering with Adobe to build livestream ads.
  • Local tech: Microsoft announced that they will also be developing technology to meet the needs of local people and local places where the games will be played.
  • The Google Magic: Google has announced a variety of additions to their interface for the upcoming Rio Olympics. Google will be adding a detailed event schedule, the country wise medal count and athlete information in its Search function. These additions will also enable everyone to view the TV Schedule in more than 31 nations and watch highlights of all the events in more than 60 countries around the world. Users of google on android and iOS will be getting automatic updates of all events in Rio.
  • The google Maps Experience: Google Maps has already scanned the streets of Rio and Olympic venue for a 360 degree panoramas using Street view. Google has also partnered with 8-9 of top cultural organisations of Rio to create an interactive online collection of Rio’s famous art exhibits and landmarks.
  • Samsung is in line: Samsung came up with a world class Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Limited Edition smartphone and Samsung will be delivering 12,500 to all Olympians.
  • Virtual Reality Dance: VR is also here to rock Rio! NBC will offer virtual reality coverage of the Olympic Games, exclusively for Samsung Galaxy smartphone users having the Samsung Galaxy VR via the NBC app. 85 hours of VR programing will be available including all ceremonies and games.
  • Tips for many tech leaders: Dahlia El Gazzar, the founder of event tech consulting firm DAHLIA+ offered amazing tips for tech leaders to grab hold of their funnel in such events and how to make full use of them. The tips were on improvement of Data analytics, Curation of user-generated content and filtration and creation of local meetup or events applications. El Gazzar said: “For smaller tech companies—be niche, be consistent, do what you do best, target hard, promote what you are doing,”

Here are the 3 best learning outcomes of this year’s Olympics:

  • This year’s Olympics will be the most technologically oriented event, setting examples for all tech leaders to follow.
  • This year, 85% of viewers will be on a second screen such as TV, app, or VR to watch the events.
  • Partnerships, Expansion and Rebranding is the future for tech companies to capitalize on major events.

Let us see which country and which company make the most of this highly popular game show!

Do You Know about the New Buzz ‘Internet Bots’?

A ‘Bot’ (Robot), or typically called An Internet Bot, is a software application that runs repetitive automated tasks or scripts over the internet. The task can be as simple as opening your browser as soon as you open the computer, or it may be structurally repetitive, such as making backups. As the market of Apps is becoming mature, the trend of Chatbox would certainly rise. Normally powered by artificial intelligence, Bots also rely on humans.

Internet Bots

Internet Bots

These bots or software applications have many names. But why are they getting so popular? Bots can perform human tasks at exceptionally high speed. These tasks can be simple, they can be implemented in gaming such as ‘ Doing Repetitive Firing in a War Game’  or ‘ Doing a task in a game repetitively so that it earns you more points’ , or they can be used in programming to help coders write repetitive lines or certain repetitive codes.

But Bots have far more amount of applications. Here are the top 6 bots to blow your mind:

  • The Music Promotion Bots: Many Song artists and music producers release a music chatting bot that can provide you with a lot of information about singer’s history, their tours, their songs, the base levels and all the information that you need. These bots became quickly popular in 2001 when 1 million people added GooglyMinotaur as their friend which promoted the album ‘ Amnesiac’ by Radiohead. AOL Instant Messenger users could add the GooglyMinotaur to their buddy list and chat with him like they would a friend or family member.
  • The Foodie Bots: These bots are something that grew out of people’s inability to decide on ‘What should they eat?’ Brown, a developer, came up with Lunchbot in 2013, a simple software application that recommends a food option out of all options in the vicinity of the person. It started with 20 restaurants and it expanded slowly. Now, it has become more sophisticated and holds a bigger database of restaurants and food trucks.
  • The Al-powered assistants: This bot is a solution to all the different organisation apps that you have in your smartphone. This bot manages more and more of our daily activities on the web and on different applications. It works on the basis of your preferences and does an incredible job in reducing the amount of time you spend on your smartphone.
  • Crawling Bots/ GoogleBot: Crawling is a process by which this bot discovers and updates pages that have to be added to the Google Index. This bot actually helps to update the web regularly and it is the reason why you always find updated information on all webpages.
  • Search Engine Bots/ Spiders: Such bots, also called spiders, are the new face of search engines and they help you search all websites for pages, audio files and images. The ‘ Baidu Spider’ is currently the most famous bot and is operated as a substitute to Google in China. Another such bot is Microsoft’s ‘bingbot’ which is the basic software script for the Bing Search engine. The Yandex bot is another Russian search engine bot.
  • The Co-Working/ Teamwork Bot: Ever felt a problem while working in a team? Bots are here for you. The Slackbot is one such bot which helps you send instant messages to your team workers about regular updates such as ‘ You will be late’ or ‘ You won’t come’ etc. The Slackbot can also help you set up personal details for you. It builds a profile for you and then manages it accordingly.

Many such bots are now developing. The Silicon Valley awaits another stream of classic bots that will be the ‘Next big thing’ in the world of coding and applications. With so many things happening about bots, many CEOs regard it as the ‘Bitcoin of the App industry’. Bots will indeed be the next thing that are going to fill up your mobile space even before you know it. Be with us and we will also talk about some of the worth trying Facebook Chatbots in our next post.

Wearable Technology Heading Far Beyond Smart Watches

“Wearables Market to Be Worth $25 Billion by 2019. Smartwatches are most valuable segment, taking 60% of market value, but fitness trackers remain most popular, accounting for more than half of all wearables shipments in 2015”- CCS Insight

 Smartwatches that promise to make reading your notifications easier, fitness bands that guarantee accurate biometric readings and headsets that merge virtual reality with the actual world, wearables are inescapable. While Fitbit and smartwatches are taking the world by storm nowadays, here we give you a round-up of the newer, more advanced wearables that you must take a note of.




When it comes to smartwatches, nothing is more advanced than this CASIO watch. The watch has a rugged body made for the outdoorsy people and looks formal enough to take into that board meeting. The watch is water proof and shock proof by US military standards and has many pre-installed apps. You can also switch off the touch screen display to leave you with a regular watch. In this mode, you can get a battery life of up to a month!

2) Under Armor HealthBox

Move over Fitbit, Under Armor is the complete Health package. The HealthBox line of wearables is making a huge impact in the market. With the device being able to measure sleep, calories, heart rate, steps and even metrics for interval training, you can expect it to completely change your fitness world. Though it is not considered a value for money fitness platform, with some alteration, it can be a great competitor of fitness wearables.

3) Bragi Dash

Bragi Dash

Bragi Dash

While most wearables are either bracelets or watches, the Bragi Dash wishes to change that by giving you all your info in your ear. This wireless earbuds work as a fitness device tracking your steps, heart rate and running, and it also acts as a multimedia device by playing songs and it lets you receive calls too. The device is amazing as it has more than 1,000 hours of playback time and tech for making phone calls too. Everything has been fitted in a small device to give you one of the best hands free experiences a wearable can. For Bragi, though, the current version of the Dash is an imperfect experiment and it seems there are miles to go for them, it is certainly a fascinating device.

4) Hexoskin Smart Shirt

Hexoskin smart tshirt

Hexoskin smart t-shirt

Hexoskin is taking sport tracking to the next level. The smart shirt has built in Bluetooth that can connect it to any third party platform or wearables. The shirt gives you readings of your heart rate, respiration and steps taken among other things. It can also measure other aspects of your workout like intensity, recovery rates, fatigue levels and sync them all to a database to be available later. The shirt is also light and comfortable to wear and more convenient than having just a dedicated chest strap.

5) HTC Vive Pre (2nd Gen)

HTC has made a lighter and comfortable head gear with an inbuilt camera to integrate your virtual experience with the real world. The camera streams a view of the real world while you are having your virtual experience to nicely merge the actual and computer generated reality. With controls for haptic feedback, gesture control and a revamped virtual experience, the Vive Pre will take immersion to a whole new level.

6) Gemio

GEMIO Social wearable

GEMIO Social wearable

Gone are the days when you tie a thread or chain as a friendship band. Gemio is an amazing social wearable that alerts users when their friends are nearby, by flashing lights or giving vibrations. The device can communicate with other Gemio users within a 50 ft. range indoors and a 100 ft. range outdoors and uses the LEDs on the device to create different patterns and colors representing different messages. It uses Bluetooth and mesh technology and is also customizable and available in many different colors and styles with detachable gems.

The wearables industry is still relatively new, and if you are in the market for one, knowing where to start can be a little daunting. We hope that this guide will help you selecting the best wearable for you!

Virtual Reality Games Dominating 2016 E3

Virtual Reality games  are a godsend for passionate gamers around the world! Virtual Reality games have had a real good time in the gaming industry since the last few years. But this year, it got to a whole new level, especially with the E3!

The E3, which is an annual expo of games and other hardware came to life in Los Angeles from 14th to 16th June this year, and E3 assured that virtual reality gamers were happy, for this time, the E3 was perfectly dominated by the exclusive set of new virtual reality games that have just arrived into the market.

The Air Around Virtual Reality

Having been dominated by 3-D. 4-D., 5-D, storylines and Alienware in the past, the E3 was all set to be dominated by Virtual Reality this year. But it wasn’t just software and games that actually blew everyone’s mind, it’s was the supporting technology that took away the whole stage this time. Most of the gamers had experienced virtual reality games and their eyes were all stuck on new support systems that will actually take the gaming experience to a whole new level.

Games That Were At The Top Of The Podium

Let’s start with the most amazing games that were there at the E3 to take away your mind. Few of the most popular game stations such as ‘Robinson: The Journey’, ‘The Climb’ and ‘The Lab’ were actually a great place of attraction for people. But the most awaited games this year were ‘Titanfall 2’ and ‘Final Fantasy XV’ while ‘The Last Guardian’ was also up for the grabs.

For all the action fans, ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’, supported by the best firmware, was there to take away their minds. While for superhero gamers, ‘South Park: the fractured But Whole’ did the job. Every year, the E3 gets a huge contribution from the big bids of the gaming world such as UbiSoft and Electronic Arts.  But this time, Ubisoft had the mike. With their new IP, Steep, already up for a grab, Ubisoft was set to take away the E3 with them.

Much Anticipated New Releases

What’s more, the E3 released fantastic trailers of many virtual reality games such those of the ‘Death stranding’ and ‘The Legend of Zelda’ before the event which attracted a wide audience. To incite some more curiosity, trailers of ‘God of War’ and ‘Sea of Thieves’ were released.

But the main segment in E3 was the console section which is also the pillar of the virtual reality gaming stage and it was all set to rock the party. Fuze Games VP Charles Young announced the release of the new console ‘Fuze’ that was released at the E3 and which was released to tailor the rising expectations of millions of virtual reality gamers. This amazing console came up with whole new level of gaming experience with faster working, better efficiency and extra dimensions to make it extra real.

Headsets Galore!

Oculus Rift_VR

Oculus Rift_VR (Courtsey:

One of the best gaming technologies today are headsets and indeed, the E3 was ready with them. This year’s E3 saw the release of two great headsets, namely the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Also, people got to take a look at the upcoming PlayStation VR which will open to millions of people who are waiting for a new experience. While the PlayStation and other platforms are gearing up, game developers such as ‘Star Trek’ are running side by side. They announced their new game which supports all three platforms while they released a very fun demo before they release the game.

Brand Wars

Even the pre-show of E3 was dominated by Virtual Reality games, particularly by Sony. They announced the release of their amazingly sounding games such as Arkham VR, a VR version of Resident Evil 7 and a VR addition to Final Fantasy XV. The gamers at E3 also got to try to demos for many upcoming VR’s such as Rigs, Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey and the Psychonauts.

But Sony was not satisfied with just games, they also announced the release of their new gaming console ‘Neo’ which is supposedly another awesome console that makes everything feel much better in any VR game.

The Oculus Rift was another Virtual Reality gaming console that was released in an attempt to counter Sony’s Neo. It arrived with the best looking VR games and certainly made a huge impact at the E3. The Rift, which is actually a VR without motion controllers, was an amazingly start by Oculus and has a lot to catch up with.

On the other hand, the HTC Vive was all set on a booth and offered many private demo sessions. The HTC Vive came up with many demos such as ‘World War II: Shooting Gallery Front Defense’.

The E3 saw a large amount of competition, and also saw many great innovations as well. Now, it’ll all trim down to the next three months, when these amazing games hit the reality market!

How IoT (Internet of Things) is changing our lives?

We’ve been discussing about IoT since the start of this decade, but the understanding of this topic is very important in terms of the effect that it will have in our future. Well, IoT in traditional terms is a network of physical objects, basically everything near you which is collaborated to each other through a very complex mechanism of electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity that come along to eliminate any human-human interaction or computer-human interaction. Come to think of it, as we stand here in the 21st century, the phenomenon of IoT is everywhere around us, but not many of us realize the innate potential it holds. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty first and check what the IoT is actually made up of:

What is IoT

In actual terms, IoT is a mechanism to eliminate a human interference between two non-living services or objects.

For example, have you always been bemused by the fact that you see some Sponsored ads on your Facebook news feed over and over again? And there’s more! You also see the same products being showcased on the top and at the side of your Google results. Imagine yourself browsing through some Football shoes for yourself on an e-commerce website. The next second, your Facebook feed or your Google results or if you’re using an app or a website with paid ads; everything will be pointing towards the collection of shoes that you were just looking at with multiple options. This has been deemed as re-marketing per se, or targeted marketing. Everything from your shopping history to the amount of time you spent on a particular product link to the items that you entered in your cart but chose not to buy; all such parameters and more are recorded and then used to influence your decision as you are browsing through the Internet. Through an integrated mechanism, you become a potential client whose details are saved and are then exploited. The key component of the IoT  (whether wearables or smart home devices)  is not the sensor, but the application. Extracting important data from the piles of information is crucial.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Hop On The IoT Revolution Train

But how will IoT bring revolution to the market? Here’s a clue. Human-Human interaction accounts for 70-80% of the world’s official working to date. That means that about 60-70% of your salary is actually made of your own muscle power and the rest is attributed to computer-computer interaction. Now, the computer-computer interaction is going to increase, so your salary will now comprise of less muscle power and more computer-computer interaction. Let us seek an example here: If you have a business where you run a cow house and you process their milk for production. Let us assume that your machines are automated enough to extract the cow’s milk. But, you are the one who has to determine when the cow is ready. In IoT, a Biochip linked to the Cow sends a signal to the computer that the cow is ready for milking. Through automated doors and paths, the cow is led to the milking station and the process is carried out. More amazingly, even fodder supply is also controlled by IoT. A Biosensor analyses the cow’s pattern to analyse its hunger level and feeds it accordingly. So, your muscle power is reduced.

IoT is reducing the muscle power of people and the machines are bound to do that work. Not only that, your mental usage will also be affected and your decision making power shall also be reduced. Even though you have the ultimate capacity to control the system, you can’t really feed to cow at any time because of your instincts (A thing that has been happening till date).

Wide Array Of Merits

Mental and physical engagement shall be reduced by the working of IoT. 17 years into the working, IoT has had amazing development and has changed a lot of lives. The application system at many universities automatically generates a status portal when an applicant submits an application, ultimately reducing the work of the application processing department. The testing sites now automatically send scores to preferred universities automatically on time and before the person actually gets to know, the scores are submitted and show ‘Received’ on your status portal.

Ultimately, we’re looking at improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit. But, with less human-computer interaction, more companies will focus on developers and software engineers while data interpreters and basic computer engineers might have to face problems. Also, the huge industry of data entry workers, middle men and many other people is bound to face extinction! We are currently witnessing a transformation that will metamorphosis the way we work and live. Let us harness the power of the latest revolutionary technology making the right choice of platforms!



Can Raspberry Pi Bring More Kids In Coding?

Yes, we have a new player in the complex field of coding, and this new player is more delicious than you’d ever wonder! Indeed Raspberry Pi has broken the coding market and is covering an exasperating amount of attention in the coding industry since quite a long. But, is it really that delicious? Let’s understand. Raspberry Pi is a very small and nearly a credit card sized computer that actually fits in into any monitor or display device. It uses a mouse and a standard keyboard (not in touch monitors) and the world’s most portable PC is here for the taking!

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi, also referred to as ‘Tiny CPU’ or ‘The CPU of Future’, is indeed a miraculous device and it holds the capacity to let you do much more that a normal PC lets you. It enables you to learn coding languages like Python and Scratch. Furthermore, it has the inherent capacity to interact with the outside world and thus, finds a spectacular amount of application in digital maker projects, such as weather stations, tweeting birdhouses etc.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Applications

All that you can do on your PC, including web browsing and everything else, can be done on the Raspberry Pi interface. But the main application of this device is in the coding industry. As of today, the coding industry has many disadvantages mainly due to bulky systems, inherent lack of resources and lack of interest in children to the traditional coding stigma. But this device takes the coding industry to a whole new level.

What Is The Dish Made Of? (Pun Intended)

The Pi comes preloaded with Python, which is also the official programming language of the Raspberry Pi 3 and the amazing IDLE 3, a very unique python integrated development environment. So, Python learners and coders have much ease in completing their work and with much greater efficiency on the Pi.

Furthermore, the Raspberry Pi has a very easy Python working and you can get to the software very easily without much hassle. The first thing that coders do when they get along with Python is creating the ‘Hello World’ Program. With few internal changes and easy patterns, this program making gets a whole lot easier. And when the first step looks easy, the world becomes brighter, which means that coders get motivated to make better program with ease.

But there’s a much better thing coming for coders in the Raspberry Pi. You are allowed to configure your Pi in such a manner that it acts as a MAME Arcade Emulator and then you can connect it to your computer. This is indeed an amazing option for all those who have got tired of the traditional coding programs.

The Raspberry Pi Marvel

But wait! Are we done? It’s never a ‘Yes’ when we are talking about the Raspberry Pi. The raspberry allows you to install XBMC (a free and open-source media player software application) which is another marvel for coding fans. But the problem with installing XBMC on traditional computers is that they aren’t fully compatible to it when the required video quality is taking into account. But the Pi has a solution. It supports video quality of 1080 pixels which means that your XMBC is going to run smoothly and without any compatibility hassle and it can actually act as a very decent media centre once connected to a high definition television.

The Pi is essentially a Linux Box running Debian which also allows to you to browse Midori. It allows you to setup a webserver or carry out any general computing tasks. The Software learning on the raspberry Pi is so well appreciated that the amount of coding fans and the percentage of these fans actually making it to the top has increased.

With amazing mobility, great compatibility, ease of use and user-friendly Linux interface, one is able to meet their coding goals with this small ‘Future CPU’. The raspberry Pi is also expected to be used very significantly at the world’s most spectacular coding university named  ‘42 University’ which is situated in the United States of America. With regular updates and new models to come, the future of coding is bright without one shadow of a doubt and it will surely attract more and more young brains into it!