Pokemon Go- How this New Phenomenon is Changing the World

For each and every kid in the world that grew in the late nineties and the early two thousands, there is one thing that is common throughout. They grew up watching the anime phenomenon called Pokemon. For the unfamiliar, this was (and still is) a Japanese game franchise inspired anime series that took the world by storm. It had all the elements that attracted kids and young adults alike. A relatable protagonist, epic adventures, great connect value etc. For a long time Pokemon ruled the cartoon network throughout the world. The anime and games along with multiple tie-ins deals, toys, and promotions grew into a cultural phenomenon that had its fan base in children and young adults alike.

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO (Source: http://www.pokemongo.com/)

Cut to Today

This was all in the late nineties and the early two thousands. Fast forward to just about one month ago, July 2016, when another cultural phenomenon called Pokemon GO yet again took over the world, accumulating over fifty million downloads on the Google App Store in its first week and a yet unknown number on the iOS App Store.

How it Works

Again for the unfamiliar, Pokemon GO is a smartphone game that makes use of augmented reality to present a scenario to the player where they must physically travel to locate Pokemon and then make use of a Poke-ball throwing mechanism to catch the Pokemon. The game offers several other features, but this is the gist of what it does.

Why it Works

Now what we need to understand is how this game with such a simple mechanism took over the world. The key ingredient that it worked upon was nostalgia. An analysis of the active users of the game ranged between people who were within the age group of 18-24, this necessarily accounts for all those children who grew up when the anime series was at its prime. These people got to experience what it would be like to catch Pokemon in reality.

Get Exercising

This is where the physical aspect of the game and the exceptional use of augmented reality have worked wonders for the game. The simple mechanic creates a scenario where people have to physically travel to the locations in order to locate the Pokemon. Once they reach the location the game switches to the augmented reality mode where it uses the phones camera to digitally project a Pokemon in the surroundings on the phone screen. This brings in a feature in the game that differs from the peer games, since it serves a purpose for the people to physically move from place to place in hopes of finding a Pokemon.
Another way in which the game makes use of using the physical aspect is to make people walk a dedicated number of kilometres in order to hatch a Pokemon egg that they collect, the more they walk, and the more are their chances of hatching a rare Pokemon.

The Psychological Aspect

 The game goes into the players’ mind because as per the research, the games that offer trophies make a gamer feel a sense of achievement. Although the achievement is not real, it triggers the hormone called dopamine which causes a “natural high” feeling in a person. Not only this, it is an addictive game because it encourages “collection”. It is a general liking of almost all the people to enjoy the behavior of collecting something.

 Pokemon go has essentially played a gamble on the people’s psychology by working up the game in a manner that instantly capitalizes on the already popular fan base of the franchise and giving the people a massively multiplayer scenario in which they can interact with several other gamers alike and interact in a manner that has never achieved mainstream publicity. Sure the developers of the game Niantic had earlier brought out a game based on a similar framework, but it is only with Pokemon GO that has been licensed to them by Nintendo that they have been able to successfully achieve what they aimed for, that is creating a global community of Pokemon lovers.

Boost to Mobile Gaming

Pokemon GO has also created a phenomenon in the world of mobile gaming. Mobile gaming which was earlier considered secondary to Console and PC gaming has received a never seen before appraisal and interest because of Pokemon GO. People are actually leaving their houses in order to look for Pokemon. Pokemon GO has now more active daily users than Twitter. Sure the issue of battery drainage is there, but it seems people do not mind carrying power banks and portable chargers to assist them in their hunt.

Importance of Safety

The most important concern that can be raised in regards to Pokemon GO is that of safety outside home. People might become so engrossed in their phones that they might ignore important aspects like road safety. However the game does encourage people to take excessive care of their surroundings in order to be safe and sound.

In conclusion, whether you have been a fan of the game or not, you would have to be living under the rock to miss the huge dent it has made in today’s world. Its success can be called nothing short of exemplary. Whether you have tried it yet or not is a discussion for another day. Whether you should or not doesn’t even need to be a discussion.

Download it right now and we wish you happy hunting.
Hurry up because, you gotta catch ‘em all!


Virtuali-Tee – An ‘X-Ray Vision’ T-Shirt Displaying the Internal Workings of the Human Body

Christened as ‘Virtuali-Tee’, this latest hi-tech gizmo is a one-of-its kind product breathing in the world today. A result of a very effective and sophisticated crowd-funded project, this X-Ray vision enabled T-shirt works on the concept of virtual reality which will enable the viewers to peer deep inside the shirt wearer’s internal anatomy by simply using either a VR enabled headset or a compatible mobile device.

Fundamentally, you will be able to take a detailed sneak peek inside the circulatory, digestive and skeletal systems of the wearer. It has been specifically designed to teach kids about the internal functioning of the human body.

Maria Rakusanova is Samsung’s product marketing lead who predominantly undertakes the VR [Virtual Reality] systems. She sums up the product by saying that it is “like a magic lens combined with a teleportation experience that helps kids unlock their full learning potential.”



Let us get down to the nitty gritty first and dissect the technology marvels involved in this:

Virtual Reality:

Often deemed as a computer simulated reality spectrum or immersive multimedia per se, Virtual Reality or VR essentially allows the users to interact with the new virtual world. This happens as a virtual environment is created which effectively simulates an actual physical presence in multiple places belonging to the real/imaginary world. Not just that, a VR experience can also muster sensory experiences which includes the likes of touch, hearing, smell and sight.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality (AR) or mediated reality is often deemed as an indirect or a completely direct view of a real word environment which contains multiple supplemented (augmented) elements which have been generated using sensory inputs like GPS, graphics, video and sound. Here, the actual view of the reality is somewhat diminished or gimmicked by an AR setup.

Now, as far as this Virtuali-Tee is concerned, this garment works in tandem with a mobile phone, a compatible tablet or a VR headset. This is the proud brainchild of Curiscope, which is a VR and AR company based in London. Conventionally, with devices like Samsung Gear VR or the Oculus Rift or perhaps the famous Google Cardboard, you can envelope a user’s vision field to portray a different world. Whereas, using this Virtuali-Tee, you can effectively superimpose a wide array of internal images onto the sleek T-shirt.

Here’s How It Works

  • The Virtuali-Tee comes equipped with QR codes which are Quick Response codes per se. These codes have been recognized enough to be used in signage and ads in the form of square bar codes.
  • Next, the compatible tablets or smartphones or other Internet enabled devices effectively scan these particular QR codes.
  • This is where a free app from Curiscope enters the fray. It utilizes the codes to overlay animated images of the wearer’s body on the T-shirt.

Users can furthermore make good use of the app and look at someone else with this Virtuali-Tee. Moreover, they can gauge at themselves and their internal anatomy using a credible mirror or a device’s selfie mode.

Ed Barton, the CEO of Curiscope further proclaimed, “We wanted to make learning about the human body into an exciting experience, and it seemed fitting that the perfect way to do this would be through a T-shirt that mimics what it’s like to look inside the body”.

The Spectrum of Learning

This tech marvel is not just in for the ‘awe’ factor or the first impression on people’s eyes; this one’s primarily meant for education and teaching purposes as well. Using the compatible smart phone or the app, you can make use of the tags pointing towards the various body systems to trigger educational videos and credible pieces of texts which will cite in detail what the particular system is all about. Customers who’re using the VR headset can simply center their vision towards the system they want to fully explore.

With this new found technology, the company further wants to add more to this by bringing in health diagnostics and disease. Imagine a T-shirt which could tell you or rather show you the difference between a pair of healthy lungs and the lungs of a person who has been smoking for over a decade. Impressed?

7 Craziest Technologies Which We may Witness Soon!

A lot of products we can’t live without today were once just insane ideas. Electricity, planes, smartphones, cell phones, the Internet, and online networking were all things thought to be unthinkable eventually in mankind’s history. Yet in the brief span since these creations have appeared, they’ve turned out to be almost indivisible with what it intends to be human. As a general public, we now utilize these sorts of advancements every day. Without them, the world would basically go into disrepair.

Craziest Technologies

Craziest Technologies

In this article, we’ll uncover 7 of the craziest technologies that are verging on here. These are the technologies that we’re going to take them for granted. Let us look at the 7 craziest technologies. They are as per the following:

  1. Ultrabooks:

We’ve all seen the age of PCs – the first real gadget that caught our eyes and took the general folk by a storm. Then we witnessed the age of high end and slim desktops with power packed features and limitless possibilities. Then we entered the age of laptops which simple revolutionized the entire technological world, giving portability a whole new dimension. Currently we’re enjoying the period of notebooks, which will soon be serving ultrabooks. Not just that, but these will be available at reasonable rates for the market users in general. Measuring less than an inch wide and weighing almost close to three pounds, you’re bound to be left stunned by all means.


You’ve been hearing about Virtual Reality related stuffs as well in regards to the Playstation VR Gear and different organizations following suit accordingly with their own particular forms. For the current year, Virtual Reality will be completely operational and you can experience it for yourself through PS4. Virtual reality is something we had imagined about it and now it’s as of now here as gaming. There are talks about Virtual Reality growing to more than simply gaming and that would be really soon.

  1. The Sunscreen Pill:

We will come so far forward on the technological pill that all those sunscreen creams, gels and what not will be rendered obsolete. All that will remain is a single sunscreen pill. And the icing on the cherry is the fact that it will not only protect the skin but the eyes as well. The concept of reverse engineering will be utilized here in full flow. Scientists and influencers across the world are pretty much hopeful that it will become a reality sooner rather than later. One thing’s for sure – the effect of UV rays is not about to end anytime soon. Hence, this seems like the way to go!

  1. Portable Laser Pens:

Imagine that you’re indulging in your favorite adventure sport ‘Rock climbing’ with a bunch of your friends. There comes a situation when you strike your knee on a rock and it starts bleeding. Obviously you’re far out from the city and the nearest medical help is some thousand miles away. The amount of blood loss that you will suffer is going to be hazardous. To block that, portable laser pens will enter the fray which will block those wounds right up and stitch them per se.


This is another brainchild of tech big shot Elon Musk: The Hyperloop.

Hyperloop is a method of avoiding the air resistance that makes supersonic travel to a great degree troublesome at low elevations. Musk’s answer for this issue is to manufacture a Jetson-like tube over or under the ground that contains a controlled low-weight environment. Inside the tube would be containers that transport people from destinations, for example, San Francisco to New York in around 30 minutes. This is certainly something CRAZY.


It certainly appears to be something out of a sci-fi film. However chances are great you’re going to witness it before you leave Earth. The unmanned mission is relied upon to dispatch by 2018 and will incorporate a lander, robotics, water-creating innovation, solar panels and an orbiting correspondence satellite. By the year 2020, Mars One plans to land a rover on Mars to choose a perfect settlement area. When completely prepared crews launch in 2024, the colony is relied upon to have a breathable air, renewable vitality and a lot of water.


There are three essential things to get the idea rolling, each originating from probably the most noticeable figures in tech. Facebook is following towards Mark Zuckerberg’s promise to bring the whole world online at no expense by putting resources into satellite as well as drone technology. Basically, the organization wants to make a system of drones, each the measure of a 747. That will certainly beam Internet access down from the edges of space. Conveying the internet for nothing to the entire world sounds dreamlike however this is positively going to happen.

The growing nature of competition means that brands and labels are working brick and mortar to move one step ahead of each other. This is a win-win situation for the general folk as they get to feast on these rivalries.