Virtual Reality Games Dominating 2016 E3

Virtual Reality games  are a godsend for passionate gamers around the world! Virtual Reality games have had a real good time in the gaming industry since the last few years. But this year, it got to a whole new level, especially with the E3!

The E3, which is an annual expo of games and other hardware came to life in Los Angeles from 14th to 16th June this year, and E3 assured that virtual reality gamers were happy, for this time, the E3 was perfectly dominated by the exclusive set of new virtual reality games that have just arrived into the market.

The Air Around Virtual Reality

Having been dominated by 3-D. 4-D., 5-D, storylines and Alienware in the past, the E3 was all set to be dominated by Virtual Reality this year. But it wasn’t just software and games that actually blew everyone’s mind, it’s was the supporting technology that took away the whole stage this time. Most of the gamers had experienced virtual reality games and their eyes were all stuck on new support systems that will actually take the gaming experience to a whole new level.

Games That Were At The Top Of The Podium

Let’s start with the most amazing games that were there at the E3 to take away your mind. Few of the most popular game stations such as ‘Robinson: The Journey’, ‘The Climb’ and ‘The Lab’ were actually a great place of attraction for people. But the most awaited games this year were ‘Titanfall 2’ and ‘Final Fantasy XV’ while ‘The Last Guardian’ was also up for the grabs.

For all the action fans, ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’, supported by the best firmware, was there to take away their minds. While for superhero gamers, ‘South Park: the fractured But Whole’ did the job. Every year, the E3 gets a huge contribution from the big bids of the gaming world such as UbiSoft and Electronic Arts.  But this time, Ubisoft had the mike. With their new IP, Steep, already up for a grab, Ubisoft was set to take away the E3 with them.

Much Anticipated New Releases

What’s more, the E3 released fantastic trailers of many virtual reality games such those of the ‘Death stranding’ and ‘The Legend of Zelda’ before the event which attracted a wide audience. To incite some more curiosity, trailers of ‘God of War’ and ‘Sea of Thieves’ were released.

But the main segment in E3 was the console section which is also the pillar of the virtual reality gaming stage and it was all set to rock the party. Fuze Games VP Charles Young announced the release of the new console ‘Fuze’ that was released at the E3 and which was released to tailor the rising expectations of millions of virtual reality gamers. This amazing console came up with whole new level of gaming experience with faster working, better efficiency and extra dimensions to make it extra real.

Headsets Galore!

Oculus Rift_VR

Oculus Rift_VR (Courtsey:

One of the best gaming technologies today are headsets and indeed, the E3 was ready with them. This year’s E3 saw the release of two great headsets, namely the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Also, people got to take a look at the upcoming PlayStation VR which will open to millions of people who are waiting for a new experience. While the PlayStation and other platforms are gearing up, game developers such as ‘Star Trek’ are running side by side. They announced their new game which supports all three platforms while they released a very fun demo before they release the game.

Brand Wars

Even the pre-show of E3 was dominated by Virtual Reality games, particularly by Sony. They announced the release of their amazingly sounding games such as Arkham VR, a VR version of Resident Evil 7 and a VR addition to Final Fantasy XV. The gamers at E3 also got to try to demos for many upcoming VR’s such as Rigs, Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey and the Psychonauts.

But Sony was not satisfied with just games, they also announced the release of their new gaming console ‘Neo’ which is supposedly another awesome console that makes everything feel much better in any VR game.

The Oculus Rift was another Virtual Reality gaming console that was released in an attempt to counter Sony’s Neo. It arrived with the best looking VR games and certainly made a huge impact at the E3. The Rift, which is actually a VR without motion controllers, was an amazingly start by Oculus and has a lot to catch up with.

On the other hand, the HTC Vive was all set on a booth and offered many private demo sessions. The HTC Vive came up with many demos such as ‘World War II: Shooting Gallery Front Defense’.

The E3 saw a large amount of competition, and also saw many great innovations as well. Now, it’ll all trim down to the next three months, when these amazing games hit the reality market!


Virtuali-Tee – An ‘X-Ray Vision’ T-Shirt Displaying the Internal Workings of the Human Body

Christened as ‘Virtuali-Tee’, this latest hi-tech gizmo is a one-of-its kind product breathing in the world today. A result of a very effective and sophisticated crowd-funded project, this X-Ray vision enabled T-shirt works on the concept of virtual reality which will enable the viewers to peer deep inside the shirt wearer’s internal anatomy by simply using either a VR enabled headset or a compatible mobile device.

Fundamentally, you will be able to take a detailed sneak peek inside the circulatory, digestive and skeletal systems of the wearer. It has been specifically designed to teach kids about the internal functioning of the human body.

Maria Rakusanova is Samsung’s product marketing lead who predominantly undertakes the VR [Virtual Reality] systems. She sums up the product by saying that it is “like a magic lens combined with a teleportation experience that helps kids unlock their full learning potential.”



Let us get down to the nitty gritty first and dissect the technology marvels involved in this:

Virtual Reality:

Often deemed as a computer simulated reality spectrum or immersive multimedia per se, Virtual Reality or VR essentially allows the users to interact with the new virtual world. This happens as a virtual environment is created which effectively simulates an actual physical presence in multiple places belonging to the real/imaginary world. Not just that, a VR experience can also muster sensory experiences which includes the likes of touch, hearing, smell and sight.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality (AR) or mediated reality is often deemed as an indirect or a completely direct view of a real word environment which contains multiple supplemented (augmented) elements which have been generated using sensory inputs like GPS, graphics, video and sound. Here, the actual view of the reality is somewhat diminished or gimmicked by an AR setup.

Now, as far as this Virtuali-Tee is concerned, this garment works in tandem with a mobile phone, a compatible tablet or a VR headset. This is the proud brainchild of Curiscope, which is a VR and AR company based in London. Conventionally, with devices like Samsung Gear VR or the Oculus Rift or perhaps the famous Google Cardboard, you can envelope a user’s vision field to portray a different world. Whereas, using this Virtuali-Tee, you can effectively superimpose a wide array of internal images onto the sleek T-shirt.

Here’s How It Works

  • The Virtuali-Tee comes equipped with QR codes which are Quick Response codes per se. These codes have been recognized enough to be used in signage and ads in the form of square bar codes.
  • Next, the compatible tablets or smartphones or other Internet enabled devices effectively scan these particular QR codes.
  • This is where a free app from Curiscope enters the fray. It utilizes the codes to overlay animated images of the wearer’s body on the T-shirt.

Users can furthermore make good use of the app and look at someone else with this Virtuali-Tee. Moreover, they can gauge at themselves and their internal anatomy using a credible mirror or a device’s selfie mode.

Ed Barton, the CEO of Curiscope further proclaimed, “We wanted to make learning about the human body into an exciting experience, and it seemed fitting that the perfect way to do this would be through a T-shirt that mimics what it’s like to look inside the body”.

The Spectrum of Learning

This tech marvel is not just in for the ‘awe’ factor or the first impression on people’s eyes; this one’s primarily meant for education and teaching purposes as well. Using the compatible smart phone or the app, you can make use of the tags pointing towards the various body systems to trigger educational videos and credible pieces of texts which will cite in detail what the particular system is all about. Customers who’re using the VR headset can simply center their vision towards the system they want to fully explore.

With this new found technology, the company further wants to add more to this by bringing in health diagnostics and disease. Imagine a T-shirt which could tell you or rather show you the difference between a pair of healthy lungs and the lungs of a person who has been smoking for over a decade. Impressed?

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on our Daily Lives

You might take the concept of Artificial intelligence or AI as a realm of science that is more close to being fictional. However, you would be amazed to know that it’s no longer imaginary but actually a real part of our daily lives. AI has creepily entered our regimes and has managed to take over a major chunk of our lives; both personal and professional. There is no doubt about the fact that the reign of Artificial Intelligence will continue to prosper in future and lay an invincible impact on the human race. You are not even aware about it but most of the technology-driven things you are using or protocols you are going through are being headed by the ideation of AI.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Here are 4 shocking yet real-life ways Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives:

  1. Change in the Way Our Mobile Phones are Behaving

Companies such as Apple have come up with clever consumer-level applications that are nattily using the idea of artificial intelligence. These apps are programmed to produce predictable results on the basis of a human command or a behavior pattern. You no longer have to think about the chat responses or simple tasks like reminding you about an urgent task. One brilliant example is Cleverbot, which has its own database that enables obvious response sharing to a given situation or a problem. Majorly a chat supporting application, Cleverbot is light-hearted and fun application that automatically responds to a chat message with the aid of pre-defined integrated database. However, you have to keep a close watch on the replies as sometimes they might look weird and inappropriate. AI does not analyze chat more like a “real” conversation and chooses responses which it picks as the most optimum for every situation. The application cannot understand the tone, metaphors used etc. and uses an artificial form of intelligence to resolve queries. Even the games you play on your handsets have special settings that are based on the idea of artificial intelligence.

  1. Housewives Are Having the Time of Their Lives

Gone are the days when doing away with daily household chores was tough and tiresome. Nowadays, ladies are finding it easier to tackle some of the arduous household work, such as washing tones of clothes or filling up the house water tank without even bothering about overflow and wastage of water. Take a bow and thank the era of Artificial Intelligence. The washing machines that are being manufactured in the recent times are equipped with necessary functionalities that enables a user to set the timer for wash, rinse and the dry-up procedures. Apart from this, there is an automatic alarm tone that is pre-set and rings after a period of 2-3 hours signaling the person about the completion of the process. You just have to put in the clothes along with the washing detergent and leave all the rest process on the washing machine. Go brew some coffee and watch your favorite soap opera, your clothes will be washed to being pristine in no time. Be it water tank fill up or washing utensils, everything has gone automatic and the procedure has turned amazingly intelligent.

  1. Offering a Face-Lift to our Education System

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your kids break-free from the legacy of books and boring class-room tutoring? Yes, it would definitely be and credit goes to the newness artificial intelligence has brought into. It is predicted that artificial intelligence will change the way the world sees personalized tutoring and school education. The technology will enable a thorough student analysis and bring up interesting results on the basis of their study patterns. With this, teachers and tutors would be able to understand the issues a student is facing or subjects that he/she is finding difficult. The specially designed educational software are equipped enough to adapt to the individual needs of different students and thus provide feedback. The cream is yet to come; teachers too can take advantage of the technology by performing tasks like grading and paper checking with ease. Artificial intelligence will save time and still serve the purposes.

  1. Office Timings are Now Managed Easily

Remember the days when you used to manually enter your office entry and exit times and even the management had a tough time keeping a tab on each entry? Well, times have changed real fast and artificial intelligence has punched hole in here as well. Nowadays, companies are adopting intelligent ways of maintaining the attendance record by using biometrics and face recognition methods. No need to punch cards or manually enter the timings, just place your finger on a device and the system will recognize you. The powerful yet smart authentication system tracks measurable physical characteristics, such as eye cornea, thumb impression or even the whole face. You step onto the entry of your office and put your thumb on the device or bring up your face in the front and voila! The device instantly recognizes you and marks your attendance. Amazingly brilliant!

The potential of artificial intelligence as technology is invincible and the usage is gradually strengthening the foothold. A time will come when the entire world will be commanded by robots and the smart technology would make our lives interesting yet manageable.

Virtual Reality in Education

We’re living in the day and age of technology, where everything is advanced and getting modified and improvised on a daily basis. Where smartphones are being used by ten year olds and teenagers are coming up with innovative startups every now and then, it will be safe to say that we’re living at a pace that we’ve never witnessed before.

Technology certainly makes everything easier! Of course, you need to spend to reap the fruits, but then the spread is so huge that there are many cost effective options as well.

Almost every single industry in the entire world is using technology in some form or the other. Some conventional habits and methods are still well and truly alive but then slowly but surely everyone is realizing the adage – ‘Survival of the fittest’ and that evolution is the key.

Virtual reality is one such technological wonder which has taken the world by storm.

For those who don’t know, virtual reality or virtual realities [VR] as it is deemed, can also be denoted by the term ‘computer stimulate reality’ or ‘immersive multimedia’. Virtual reality essentially replicates a wholesome environment which simulates a crystal clear physical entity or presence back in the imaginary or the real world. This way the user can interact with the designated world that is being targeted. This innovation can give the user the power to touch, hear, see and smell the targeted world using artificially created sensory experiences.

 Virtual Reality & Education As A Whole

Education is one area that has started using Virtual Reality for learning and teaching situations in a full fledged manner. The good thing about this is that it allows huge groups of students to interact and communicate with each other and also within a 3 dimensional environment. It allows one to present complicated and complex data in an easier and systematic way. The students can also interact with these objects in that environment to know many things about them.

The entire world is moving forward. Why should education as a domain be left out?

Virtual Reality In Astronomy

Virtual Reality can be quite a boon for astronomy students and they can learn a lot of things about the solar system through physical engagements with the objects within. The students can move the planets and check out around the stars and also see the progress of a comet.

This will eventually help them to know how abstract concepts go about in a 3 dimensional environment and this will make it easier for them to understand. It is quite helpful for students with a particular style of learning. An ideal learning scenario is medicine: Virtual Reality can be utilized to develop 3D images of the human body or surgery simulations. This has been used in a big way in medical schools around the globe.

Virtual Reality in Education

Virtual Reality in Education

Virtual Reality And Technology Savvy Kids

Kids in the current world are certainly aware about the latest technologies and are quite ahead of their parents in comparison. They know every minute detail about the cool new gadgets and phones in the market. Kids of the current generation have grown up with all these technologies and hence are able to use it in school or home. As compared to adults, they are well versed with the latest technology and wouldn’t hesitate in using it. So, it makes more sense to introduce this innovation at a tender age

Virtual Reality Makes Impossible Possible

The ability to introduce practical examples and workshops to general classes without actually leaving the physical classroom is made possible by virtual reality. Conducting experiments, working under extreme environments, and basically understand other spaces from every angle is now possible.

Virtual Reality & Gaming

Teachers, schools and other institutions can adopt a gaming based learning pattern through virtual reality. This will not only attract students from all ages but will get them hooked as well. A fun way of learning is what all teachers aim for at the end of the day, isn’t it? This also makes a mundane concept look interesting and riveting.

Virtual Reality is something that should be implemented in schools and colleges in order to give them quality education and make them learn the most complex things in an easier way. Education has certainly moved on from pencil, books to interactive learning and therefore Virtual Reality is an exceptional way of teaching the new generation of tomorrow.

Virtual Wardrobe Mirror- Shopping is no more a Time Consuming Gig

When was the last time you were stuck at your favorite showroom waiting in front of the trial room? When was the last time you missed the cake-cutting part at your best friend’s birthday because you were spoilt for choice when you went out to buy the perfect dress? Well, all your shopping & waiting worries have been significantly laid to rest thanks to the new technology phenomenon deemed as a virtual mirror!

Even if you might not know it now, but this is going to become every woman’s best friend sooner rather than later as soon as it hits the popular spectrum. A virtual mirror is essentially a hyper-realistic virtual mirror which allows you to put on and try different set of clothes with a simple wrist-flick. Furthermore, the icing on the cherry is the fact that you can share these images online on an instantaneous basis.

Virtual Wardrobe Mirror

Virtual Wardrobe Mirror

Virtual Wardrobe By All Means

In a way, you can claim it as a virtual wardrobe per se which means that you will no longer be needed to try those clothes on. So your hassle of standing and waiting in the trial room lanes is all but over now! Also, it takes so much as a wrist flick for you to try on your favorite set of clothes.

It’s like you’re walking with your own virtual wardrobe wherever you are. All you need is a compatible device and an internet connection.

Pros of a Virtual Mirror:

  • Displays some of the latest and trending garments as per your taste.
  • Performs an effective digital scan of your body – Hence the outfits that will be suggested to you will be as per your body numbers only
  • No more waiting in the trial room lanes
  • No more hassle of carrying multiple outfits at once as you can try countless outfits in the matter of a few minutes
  • Optimizes the overall shopping experience
  • Fitting issues will be significantly avoided
  • Intuitive gesture controlled user interface
  • Images can be instantaneously shared on the social media
  • Access to a wide product catalog
  • Real time cloth physics
  • Photos that will come up are high resolution
  • Improves customer engagement which is good news for shopkeepers as it will generate the possibility of increasing sales
  • Access to a variety of customization tools
  • Get access to remote management

How It Works

  • First things first, it performs an accurate digital scan of your body. This makes sure that the clothes that are being suggested to you are as per your body dimensions.
  • Then it utilises a motion capture camera in order to come up with a very realistic 3D image.
  • This is when the garment options will come flashing by over your realistic image giving you the feel of a virtual wardrobe.
  • Moreover, the computer will also go on to select accessories depending on the customer’s size and shape.
  • The best thing about this is the fact that the customers can then instantaneously share their images with their friends and family for opinions or general merriment.

Without one shadow of a doubt, this Virtual mirror technology is going to revolutionize the shopping experience of people across the world. It will definitely change the way shopping is done. Given that we’re living through an internet boom right now, this comes as no surprise that everything is going digital these days.

Imagine a situation where you’re trying 10 outfits for your precious wedding day in a matter of minutes. That day is not too far away! Happy Shopping!


7 Craziest Technologies Which We may Witness Soon!

A lot of products we can’t live without today were once just insane ideas. Electricity, planes, smartphones, cell phones, the Internet, and online networking were all things thought to be unthinkable eventually in mankind’s history. Yet in the brief span since these creations have appeared, they’ve turned out to be almost indivisible with what it intends to be human. As a general public, we now utilize these sorts of advancements every day. Without them, the world would basically go into disrepair.

Craziest Technologies

Craziest Technologies

In this article, we’ll uncover 7 of the craziest technologies that are verging on here. These are the technologies that we’re going to take them for granted. Let us look at the 7 craziest technologies. They are as per the following:

  1. Ultrabooks:

We’ve all seen the age of PCs – the first real gadget that caught our eyes and took the general folk by a storm. Then we witnessed the age of high end and slim desktops with power packed features and limitless possibilities. Then we entered the age of laptops which simple revolutionized the entire technological world, giving portability a whole new dimension. Currently we’re enjoying the period of notebooks, which will soon be serving ultrabooks. Not just that, but these will be available at reasonable rates for the market users in general. Measuring less than an inch wide and weighing almost close to three pounds, you’re bound to be left stunned by all means.


You’ve been hearing about Virtual Reality related stuffs as well in regards to the Playstation VR Gear and different organizations following suit accordingly with their own particular forms. For the current year, Virtual Reality will be completely operational and you can experience it for yourself through PS4. Virtual reality is something we had imagined about it and now it’s as of now here as gaming. There are talks about Virtual Reality growing to more than simply gaming and that would be really soon.

  1. The Sunscreen Pill:

We will come so far forward on the technological pill that all those sunscreen creams, gels and what not will be rendered obsolete. All that will remain is a single sunscreen pill. And the icing on the cherry is the fact that it will not only protect the skin but the eyes as well. The concept of reverse engineering will be utilized here in full flow. Scientists and influencers across the world are pretty much hopeful that it will become a reality sooner rather than later. One thing’s for sure – the effect of UV rays is not about to end anytime soon. Hence, this seems like the way to go!

  1. Portable Laser Pens:

Imagine that you’re indulging in your favorite adventure sport ‘Rock climbing’ with a bunch of your friends. There comes a situation when you strike your knee on a rock and it starts bleeding. Obviously you’re far out from the city and the nearest medical help is some thousand miles away. The amount of blood loss that you will suffer is going to be hazardous. To block that, portable laser pens will enter the fray which will block those wounds right up and stitch them per se.


This is another brainchild of tech big shot Elon Musk: The Hyperloop.

Hyperloop is a method of avoiding the air resistance that makes supersonic travel to a great degree troublesome at low elevations. Musk’s answer for this issue is to manufacture a Jetson-like tube over or under the ground that contains a controlled low-weight environment. Inside the tube would be containers that transport people from destinations, for example, San Francisco to New York in around 30 minutes. This is certainly something CRAZY.


It certainly appears to be something out of a sci-fi film. However chances are great you’re going to witness it before you leave Earth. The unmanned mission is relied upon to dispatch by 2018 and will incorporate a lander, robotics, water-creating innovation, solar panels and an orbiting correspondence satellite. By the year 2020, Mars One plans to land a rover on Mars to choose a perfect settlement area. When completely prepared crews launch in 2024, the colony is relied upon to have a breathable air, renewable vitality and a lot of water.


There are three essential things to get the idea rolling, each originating from probably the most noticeable figures in tech. Facebook is following towards Mark Zuckerberg’s promise to bring the whole world online at no expense by putting resources into satellite as well as drone technology. Basically, the organization wants to make a system of drones, each the measure of a 747. That will certainly beam Internet access down from the edges of space. Conveying the internet for nothing to the entire world sounds dreamlike however this is positively going to happen.

The growing nature of competition means that brands and labels are working brick and mortar to move one step ahead of each other. This is a win-win situation for the general folk as they get to feast on these rivalries.